Vanessa Earl

A community arts-in-health project exploring the experience of becoming and being a mother.

Over a period of a few months I collected personal stories from local mothers and created an installation for the Eye Arts Festival in Suffolk. Curated text from the stories were scribed on the walls of an empty corner shop. The children’s and mother’s shoes and chairs were made into temporary sculptures; the stories made into books. During the festival I facilitated conversations between different groups of mothers. I wanted to provide a safe and non-judgemental space for conversation about the lived experience of being a mother, a place not to be perfect or yummy. A place where we could lift the lid and listen to powerful stories: hairy, scary, beautiful, sad, sticky and tricky. The installation was made in collaboration with artist Hannah Garland..


Woman – Dir: Hannah Garland


Deborah Create – Dir: Shirley Day

SALT – Woman – Dir: Hannah Garland

InVitro – Nurse – Dir: Toby Stephens

Hyve – Deborah Create – Dir: Shirley Day

The Real Arnie Griffin – Sarah – BBC TV – Dir: Nigel Havers

Foreign Moon – Anne – Sand Films – Dir: Zhang Zemming

Soup – Eve – Axis Productions – Dir: George Tiffin

Senses – Anna – Angelic Films – Dir: Norma Nebot