London-based theatre company

Vanessa co-founded Jamworks a London-based theatre company, along with fellow collaborator, Sabina Netherclift. They created and produced highly visual theatre work that was performed in inspiring and unusual spaces over a period of four years with a Lecoq-trained ensemble:

Desire Caught By the Tail – performed in the eaves of a Victorian pub in London and later toured to the Hong Kong Festival, this was a visceral and highly visual performance of Pablo Picasso’s only play. A stream of consciousness eloquently interpreted by the ensemble from inside his painting, Guernica.

If there is no love, what then? – inspired by the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and performed in a large underground garage on Brick Lane in partnership with The Trumans Brewery, London. This piece connected into and embraced Leonardo’s insatiable curiosity. We focussed on his exploration of flight, water, perspective, questioning and his love for nature.

“It was provoking and sensuous, it intrigued and moved me”.

Audience member

One – After our work with If there is no love, what then? we wanted to explore his painting of The Last Supper and his use of the golden ratio and the visual messaging therein. We worked with composer and musicologist Helen Chadwick who composed the choral work for the performances. This piece was performed in churches around London, beginning with St. Leonards in Shoreditch.

‘The show was funny and in some parts, truly poetic.’

Audience member

‘Bawdy and grotesque and deliriously frivolous….very, very funny.’

Desire Caught by the Tail –  Jamworks

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