Galway Arts Festival and Dublin Fringe Festival

Devised visual theatre telling the intricate stories of two lives.

Devised visual theatre telling the intricate stories of two lives. Sarah Fuller artist and puppeteer and performer Vanessa Earl collaborated to bring these people’s stories to life using shadows, objects, puppets and people.


Dorothy is eighty, lives alone in a Victorian house in Birmingham. She has one eye, no teeth and a soft spot for Starsky and Hutch. Michael is eighty-eight. Gnarled and bed ridden, he dreams of dancing and wild horses.

“Astonishingly insightful, sensitive piece. I think, as it exists, is near perfection – a dance between performers. It is both complete and complex.”

Connie Farrell

Dorothy’s story is told through the memories of her eight-year old grand-daughter who spent many weekends alone with her. This is a portrait of older age told through the eyes of a child.

‘Both Earl and fellow deviser Sarah Fuller offer an exquisitely crafted diptych.’

Irish Theatre Magazine

‘This is a moving meditation on the end of life, and the memories contained within a lifetime.’

Name Goes Here

Michael’s story focuses on the last year of his life spent in hospital. This portrait explores his changing states of mind, slipping between dream, reality and memory. This is a man preparing to die.

‘The most evocative of stage images generated from the simplest of methods.’

Irish Theatre Magazine

‘Visually stunning’