Various other projects

Research, press, marketing and stage management.

Over a period of a few months I collected personal stories from local mothers and created an installation for the Eye Arts Festival in Suffolk. Curated text from the stories were scribed on the walls of an empty corner shop. The children’s and mother’s shoes and chairs were made into temporary sculptures; the stories made into books. During the festival I facilitated conversations between different groups of mothers.

Workshops and Installations

August 2015

In My Shoes

An installation of shoes and stories gathered from Suffolk based Mothers for the Eye Arts Festival.

Suffolk 2014

The Sea

A term-long project with primary school children working with chorus, tableau and sea shanties.
London 2006

What is Happiness?

A two-week project run as part of Big Arts Week exploring the question ‘What is Happiness’ with a group of 9-11 year olds.
London 2005

The Gentle Craft – Battersea Arts Centre

A week long art and drama workshop for 4-7 year olds focussing on feet and shoes. The week culminated in an exhibition of shoes made by the children.
London 2004

The Art of Invention 

A three week project run as part of Big Arts Week exploring the art of invention with local school children. We built objects the children invented from collected materials.
London 2004

The Clod Ensemble

A term long project teaching Lecoq-based drama to 9-year-olds. Working on rhythm, chorus and improvisaton. Culminated in a performance of a story they had written called ‘ The Night of the Year.’